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LA moves forward to develop Angel’s Knoll with a building of ‘unlimited height’

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The Bunker Hill site could soon hold a “destination development”

A 2010 shot of Angel’s Knoll looking out from the site onto Fourth and Hill streets.
A 2010 shot of Angel’s Knoll.
Sean Rouse/Curbed LA flickr pool

The city has begun marketing the park next to Angels Flight railway to developers, pitching it as “a mixed-use destination development” that would integrate the funicular, the Pershing Square Metro station, and surrounding neighborhood “in a thoughtful manner.”

Urbanize LA unearthed a Jones Lang LaSalle marketing brochure for the Bunker Hill property, which is now being called Angels Landing.

The brochure says the site is open to myriad uses, including commercial, hotel, mixed-use, and residential.

Angels Landing also comes with entitlements allowing for a development of “unlimited height.” The 2.6-acre site amounts to 1.3 million “developable acres,” boasts the marketing brochure.

Formerly known as Angel’s Knoll, the park—which appeared in the movie (500) Days of Summer—used to be operated by LA’s Community Redevelopment Agency.

The agency was dissolved in 2012, and by the following year, the park was fenced off and closed to the public (though people can still can get in). The city entered into an agreement last January to mediate the sale of the parcel from the CRA’s successor agency to a private developer.