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7-story mixed user heading for South Park

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There are a couple possibilities for what it will include

View of project site from across the street Google Maps

Oh, those seven-story mixed users. How many does one neighborhood need? South Park developers seem determined to find the answer, as the neighborhood has seen a positive invasion of such similarly-structured projects in recent years. Now, plans have been filed with the city for yet another example just south of Pico Boulevard on Flower Street in Downtown Los Angeles.

The structure would replace several older buildings that currently occupy the project site, which faces the Blue and Expo Line light rail tracks along Flower. Like the nearby Onyx apartments, the development will certainly be transit-accessible. It’s located just a block from the Pico Station.

Though the number of levels the building will include is clear at this point, the other components of the structure could go one of two ways. The plans call for either 146 residential units with 6,270 square feet of commercial space or 151 units and just 1,162 square feet of commercial floor area. In the latter scenario, the additional five units would be dedicated live/work space.

As Urbanize LA points out, another residential development with some uncanny similarities to this one was proposed in November for a project site less than a block away. It’s not clear at this point whether the projects are related.