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Greene and Greene’s historic Culbertson House returns to market

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Completed in 1913, it was the pair’s last joint commission

Last time we saw this historic home it had just hit the market for the first time in over a decade with an asking price of $7.5 million. Now, a few years later, it’s back with a slightly more modest price tag.

But that’s about the only modest thing about the home, which was the final joint project completed by brothers Charles and Henry Greene. Notoriously heedless of budget constraints, the pair spared no expense on the 8,559-square-foot Pasadena residence, which took two years to build and cost over $150,000.

Stylistically, the seven-bedroom home is a little different from the Greenes’ more famous Arts and Crafts homes, such as the Blacker House (located just across the street) and Gamble House. Airier and less Japanese-influenced, the home instead mixes Chinese and European styles with a U-shaped floor plan that surrounds a central courtyard and garden. Numerous parlors and sitting rooms include oversized windows and direct outdoor access.

The house was commissioned in 1911 by three sisters, who had few specifications in mind for how the home should look, other than a request that all rooms other than the bedrooms be on a single level. As such, the house winds its way over to a hillside, where it drops down, adding an additional level along the way.

Per the listing, the home has been restored to “maximize preservation” of the original design. This includes the central courtyard, which was carefully landscaped by the pair and includes tile walkways and an orderly, geometric garden arranged around an octagonal pond.

Asking price for the home, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is $6.85 million.