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Woodsy little Laurel Canyon retreat asks $734K

Two bedrooms and an outdoor deck

Wooden deck Photos courtesy Ajay Vidure

Perched in the woodsy hills just off Laurel Canyon Boulevard, this little two-bedroom home might serve as the “perfect retreat for writers and artists.” That’s what the listing suggests, anyway—though, in fact, the two-bedroom home could work well for any homebuyer looking for a (relatively) affordable entry point into the area’s pricey real estate market.

Living room with beamed ceiling
View of living room French doors
Red gate and tile walkway

At 900-square-feet, the home is a bit slight, but it certainly offers plenty of charm. Fronted by a swinging, red-painted gate, the home is lined by a red brick walkway and a garden-lined gravel stairway that leads to a spacious wooden deck with built-in bench seating.

Inside, the kitchen and bathroom have recently been updated, but the 1931 residence retains much of its historic character. The living room features wide windows, hardwood floors, French doors, and a beamed ceiling. The home last sold in 2008 for $490,000. Now, it’s back on the market seeking $734,000.

View of gravel steps