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Construction is finally starting on pedestrian bridge at Union Station

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The 500-foot-long bridge will serve thousands of bus riders


Construction is starting today on a long-awaited pedestrian bridge at Union Station, says KPCC.

The 500-foot long elevated pedestrian walkway will connect Union Station’s Patsaourus Plaza to a drop-off zone for Metro’s Silver Line Express and some Foothill Transit lines.

Those riders get picked up and dropped off on a weird island on Alameda Street. The spot, sandwiched between the El Monte busway and a 101 freeway off-ramp, is an awkward, one-quarter-mile jaunt away from the buses and trains at Union Station.

The bridge is expected to make the trip to Union Station smoother and safer for the approximately 3,000 passengers a day who use those lines.

A covered bus platform will also be added as part of the project, which has been in the works for years. KPCC notes it has faced multiple setbacks and is now set to cost $31 million, twice what it was initially estimated to cost.

During construction, theVignes Street on- and off-ramps to the northbound 101 freeway will be closed, starting today. Metro expects the ramps will be closed for about four months, and suggests drivers use the 101 freeway ramps at Alameda Street or Mission Road.

Construction on the project is expected to be complete by the spring of 2018.


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