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American Rag founder lists 1928 Spanish-style house in Los Feliz hills

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Surrounded by palm trees

Steven Dewall​ for Partners Trust​
Courtesy of Katrina Webb, Nick Segal and Rick Ojeda/Partners Trust

This Spanish Moorish residence in Los Feliz, north of Los Feliz Boulevard on Vermont, is more or less a next-door neighbor to Griffith Park. Surrounded by palm trees and lush greenery, it’s almost like it’s in its own little park. Well, not that little—the nearly 6,000 square foot house sits on about .43 acres.

The five-bedroom, six-bathroom house has beautiful curved windows, elaborate archways, coved ceilings in many bedrooms, and French doors. The two-story residence features a “guest cottage” on the second level, plus a tiled terrace with an outdoor fireplace.

The seller is Mark Werts, the CEO of the clothing company American Rag Cie. Wertz told The Hollywood Reporter he’s selling the house because he’s “never lived in a house as long as this one, and I have ants in my pants.”

Wertz bought the house in 2010, paying $2.3 million, but he said he has done a lot of work to the residence since—“updating the pool, newly redone terraces, doorways, landscaping and the children's bathrooms.”