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Bodacious Palm Springs midcentury looks for its second owner

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Asking price is a hair under $1.5 million

This sweet midcentury home in Palm Springs is now on the market for the first time since its construction in 1960.

Located in the Vista Las palmas neighborhood, the four-bedroom dwelling is built in the flat-roofed style of many of the Palm Desert's great modernist homes. There are also plenty of glass doors and outdoor access points, which is especially nice given the home's rather enviable pool. Bordered by a stone patio and featuring waterfall features alongside the edges, it’s accompanied by a large spa. Both offer stellar views of the surrounding mountains.

The 2,076-square-foot home evidently went through a major renovation in 2008, as the listing notes. That helps to explain the contemporary kitchen and bathrooms, though most of the updates seem fairly in keeping with the house’s period and style.

Other features include an outdoor barbecue area, fire pit, two-car garage, and long semi-circular driveway. Asking price is $1.495 million.