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Big egg sculptures installed in Cypress Park’s new roundabout

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They feature the faces of Elysian Valley residents

The egg-shaped sculptures.
Images courtesy of Greenmeme

Cypress Park is not only home to a new roundabout at Riverside and San Fernando Road, it’s also gaining a unique public art piece. A group of nine stone sculptures have been installed right in the middle of the roundabout.

The egg-shaped sculptures feature the faces of residents of Elysian Valley whose faces were 3D-scanned and cut into the center. The eggs soar to heights of between eight and 12 feet, the Greenmeme website says.

New photos of the installation give a sense of the scale.

The project has been in progress for eight years, artists Greenmeme told the LA Weekly in May, and, when finished, “the sculptures will serve as both gateway guardians to the community and a time-stamp of the neighborhood’s demographics.”

Beyond the sculptures themselves, Greenmeme’s installation will also include landscaping and water-filtration features, including permeable pavers and landscape swales, which slow down water runoff and allow it to filter back into the ground.

The project is tentatively scheduled to open January 31, but it’s possible rainy weather could delay the opening to February, Greenmeme’s Freyja Bardell tells Curbed. The sculptures are already in the roundabout, but the landscaping and irrigation elements still need to be completed.