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'La La Land' inspires Hermosa Beach to consider lighting up its pier

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The lamps don't exist in real life

Hermosa Beach Pier
justanotheroneofthemphotoblogs / Flickr creative commons

Ryan Gosling lights up the screen in the hit musical movie La La Land, and the city of Hermosa Beach is taking his cue: It is considering improving its landmark pier to look like it does in the movie, streetlamps and all.

Gosling sings "City of Stars" while strolling at sunset along the Hermosa Beach pier, which appears in the film with vintage-looking streetlamps lining both sides.

The lamps don't exist in real life. But enough residents liked the film's improvement to lobby the city council to make them a permanent addition.

Councilman Jeff Duclos asked city staff to study what it would take, the Daily Breeze reported.

“It’s an inspiring movie, it’s a very positive movie,” Duclos told the City Council, according to the Breeze. “It presents Hermosa Beach in just the best possible light.”

The council has allocated $250,000 to fund the project if it's approved: “If more money is needed, Duclos said the city council would find a way to secure the funds because of the overwhelming community support behind the project,” KABC reported.

“There are a lot of us in the community who would like to see those art production lamp posts that were there just for the film permanently installed, perhaps in place of what we have,” city resident Dency Nelson, a Directors Guild of America member, told the council, according to the Daily Breeze.


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The pier could use the improvement: It's otherwise a pretty utilitarian structure.

The pier isn't the only Hermosa Beach landmark to appear in the movie: Gosling's piano-playing character also performs at the city's Lighthouse Cafe, which plays itself.