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Gracious 1920s Spanish in Koreatown shows a lot of potential for $1.1M

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Five bedrooms, three baths, and ample outdoor space, too.

Images courtesy of Gil Seraf

Peeking out coyly from behind a leafy green veil of shrubbery, this 1920s Spanish-style house is on the lookout for a new owner to take care of her. While the ol’ gal may be showing her age in some places, she also appears to have the proverbial good bones, charm, and potential to become quite a showstopper with some polishing.

Among the five-bedroom, three-bath home’s appealing features are hardwood floors, high ceilings, French windows and doors, a living room fireplace, built-ins, and an expansive balcony deck off the master suite. There’s also a sizable backyard and courtyard patio, both of which are ripe and ready for some sprucing up.

On a 7,793-square-foot lot just around the corner from the Shatto Recreation Center, the property is listed with an asking price of $1.098 million.