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419-square-foot Pasadena cottage asks $389K

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It’s a studio with a loft space and its own yard

This oh-so-compact cabin in Pasadena was built in 1922 and is one of six micro-homes lined up alongside one another off of Holliston Avenue, close to Pasadena City College. The 419-square-foot residence is listed as a one-bedroom, but has the layout of a studio apartment with a newly-added loft space.

The living area features bamboo floors, a freshly installed skylight, and multiple glass-paneled doors leading to the small garden area outside. Meanwhile, the kitchen and bathroom have been recently remodeled with new countertops and appliances. So as not to take up valuable territory inside the home, the washer and dryer are both housed in an outdoor closet.

Per the listing, the home is listed as a condo on the title, but is fenced off from the neighboring homes and does not appear to come with any HOA dues. The lot it sits on is complete with a few patches of grassy lawn and gravel areas fit for outdoor seating. Asking price is $389,000.