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Take a look at the big update planned for the Promenade at Howard Hughes Center

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The mall will get a bit more pedestrian-friendly

Howard Hughes Promenade rendering Images via Westchester/Playa Neighborhood Council

Big changes are on the way for the huge, but somewhat sleepy, Promenade at Howard Hughes Center in Westchester. In 2015, the mall’s new owner, Laurus Corporation, announced plans for a $30 million makeover that would transform the not-so-pedestrian-friendly shopping center into a more open and accessible space.

Now, we have an updated idea of what that might look like. Urbanize LA spotted new renderings of the project on the Westchester/Playa Neighborhood Council website; the council’s Planning and Land Use Committee saw a presentation on the project Tuesday evening.

Howard Hughes Promenade rendering from above

The images emphasize a large new crosswalk that would be installed across Center Drive close to the Cinemark multiplex that anchors the shopping center—though the meandering open air courtyard seen in previous renderings seems to have vanished from the design.

The mall’s exterior looks to be in store for a pretty thorough update, with the current whimsical (and ugly) faux-moderne style making way for a more straightforward, boxy aesthetic.

Meanwhile, the area around the mall seems to be heating up. The recently completed Altitude Apartments brought 545 high-end units to the neighborhood, and, as Urbanize LA notes, a cluster of office buildings across the street from the mall could soon be transformed into a full-fledged creative campus.