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The San Gabriel Mountains look amazing in this timelapse video

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LA’s stunning mountains look extra mysterious

A new video offers views of the San Gabriel Mountains, which host a wealth of hiking and recreational opportunities for Angelenos, that are pretty unique.

For this short video of the mountains, filmmaker Travis Roe uses footage he shot from 2012 to 2017, “in a variety of weather conditions and seasons.”

“[T]hese mountains often experience a weather phenomenon of inversion clouds called ‘marine layer’ due to their proximity to the cold Pacific Ocean,” notes Roe.

When the marine layer’s movement is sped up for the time lapse, the clouds sometimes look like waves washing up on the shore, or water rushing around rocks in a river, and the mountains appear to be rocks along the shore or in the middle of a stream.

The soothing, short video definitely offers a new way to look at a staple of the Los Angeles skyline.