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66-story skyscraper would bring hotel, condos next to Hotel Figueroa

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It could become the third tallest tower in LA

The parking lot at 913 South Figueroa Street.
Google Maps

Just when we all thought Downtown LA’s South Park neighborhood couldn’t possibly get any hotter, a developer filed plans Tuesday for a 66-story skyscraper nextdoor to Hotel Figueroa and across from the iconic The ORIGINAL Pantry Cafe.

The plans don’t state the proposed height in feet, but this could very well become the third tallest tower in Los Angeles behind the nearly finished Wilshire Grand and the U.S. Bank Tower, which both soar to 73 stories (but the Wilshire Grand is taller because it’s topped with a beacon).

The proposed skyscraper would rise from what’s currently a parking lot at 913 South Figueroa Street. It would hold 220 hotel rooms, 200 condos, 94,080 square feet of commercial space, and 617 parking spaces. The developer, Justin L. M. Leong, is seeking alcohol permits to sell booze in the hotel—and up to 10 restaurants.

New hotels are sprouting up all over the place in South Park. Some, such as Hotel Indigo, are already under construction, while others, such as the two that would be included at Olympia, are still in the planning stages.

Hotel Figueroa, meanwhile, is undergoing an extensive remodel and is scheduled to reopen in April.