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The biggest Ikea in the U.S. will open next month in Burbank

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Bring your big blue bag and a flare gun (because the store is so huge, you’ll definitely get lost)

Ikea under construction Photo by Hunter Kerhart | Los Angeles Architecural Photographer

Big news for fans of minimalist furniture and Swedish meatballs: The cavernous new Burbank Ikea is nearly ready to make its debut As the Burbank Leader reports, the new store, which will replace the city’s existing Ikea location, will open its doors to budget-conscious customers February 8.

When it opens, the store will become Ikea’s largest location in the U.S. At a whopping 456,000 square feet, it will be nearly twice as large as the previous Burbank store. (To really put that size into perspective, consider that the building replaced a total of 19 different storage buildings that formerly occupied the project site.)

That extra space will allow the retailer to display more of its products than it was formerly able to at the previous location. While showrooms at smaller stores feature a staff-selected array of the company’s wares, the new location will give shoppers the opportunity to see the whole range of products that Ikea has to offer.

The store will also include parking for 1,700 vehicles, a childcare facility, and a 600-seat restaurant significantly larger than the dining area at the existing Burbank location. Shoppers eager to be among the first to navigate the maze-like showrooms and self-serve areas can begin lining up at 6 a.m., according to the Leader.

The old store will continue to operate until February 4.

After that, developers Crown Realty & Development and Texas-based CAPREF Manager, LLC plan to transform the site into a major housing development with 765 apartments and 70 for-sale units. Under the plan, the shopping mall next door would also be reconfigured with new retailers, outdoor dining options, and open space for farmers markets and special events.