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Five-story apartment complex would overlook Echo Park Lake

13 units on a primely located, undeveloped lot

Echo Park lot with lake in background Google Maps

A vacant lot directly overlooking Echo Park Lake could soon be the site of a five-story residential development. On Wednesday, the Echo Park Neighborhood Council will discuss an unnamed developer’s plan that would bring 13 apartments (one of them affordable) and 28 parking spaces to the primely located parcel of land.

As Urbanize LA reports, the development would likely be the first constructed at the project site in more than 70 years, based on aerial photos of the lot. Property records indicate that the hilly parcel, just over an acre in size, last sold in June for $1.26 million.

We’ve seen a fair number of new construction and adaptive reuse projects pop up in the Echo Park neighborhood recently, with median housing prices in the area rapidly approaching the million dollar mark. But a development this close to the lake—and on an empty parcel, no less—is rare indeed.