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Big mixed use condo project coming to the Arts District

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310 units planned for the site of a popular popup coffee stand

Another day, another big mixed use development heading for the Arts District (we have to assume at some point the neighborhood will run out of empty lots and old industrial buildings to convert into fancy apartments and condos).

This time, the proposed project is a 12-story building that will include 310 condominium units, along with 11,375 square feet of commercial space and 11,736 square feet of production space that should appeal to creative types in the area. According to plans filed with the city Thursday, the development will also include 394 on-site parking spaces.

The property is being developed by Colorado Nour LLC, who purchased the lot and accompanying 12,000-square-foot warehouse structure in 2014, initially planning to build a more modest seven-story project with 234 live-work units.

The developers seem to have pretty well scrapped those plans since then, and for the past year the property has been home to shipping container-based coffee shop Shreebs. It’s unclear what will happen to the popular popup if and when plans for the development are approved, but if the owners are willing to go a little more mainstream, the project does call for some restaurant space.