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Wild 1910 showcase home in Pasadena gets pricechop, asks $11.5M

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A different design style for every room

This Pasadena home appeared on the market in December with an ambitious $13.8 million price tag. The price has gone down a bit since then, and it’s now asking $11.5 million. That’s still a good-sized chunk of change, but it’s hard to argue with the pedigree of this historic home.

Constructed in 1910, it was designed by promising French architect Fernand Parmentier, who was killed in World War I just a few years later. Built in a sort of hybrid style, it has elements of both the Arts and Crafts and Tudor Revival movements coming into popularity at the time.

The massive 9,422-square-foot house (and two-story carriage house) are situated on a nearly one-and-a-half-acre lot that includes a rolling lawn and luxurious pool complete with fountain elements. And if you’re wondering why every room seems to be designed around a different theme, it’s because the house was featured as the Pasadena Showcase House of Design in 1993 and again in 2015. That means each room has been worked over by a different designer—twice.

The home does include a few original elements, including stunning mahogany beamed ceilings and a striking fireplace adorned with bright green Grueby tile. With such an eclectic array of design styles, the house is probably looking for a very specific type of buyer, but perhaps this latest price chop will lure that special someone out of the woodwork.