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Los Angeles renters aren’t crazy about Los Angeles

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They give the city a “C” overall

Consistently rated as one of the worst cities for renters, it’s no big news that living in the City of Angels doesn’t come cheap. In fact, a recent report from rental search website Apartment List ranks Los Angeles as the nation’s eighth priciest metro area. The question is: Do all of the city’s attractive qualities make up for the steep cost of housing?

Not according to people trying to pay their rent on time. The same Apartment List report shows that LA renters are underwhelmed by pretty much every aspect of the city, except the weather.

Users of the site gave the city’s sunny climate a solid A-minus rating; no other category scored higher than a C-plus. Overall, LA earned a C for overall satisfaction, scoring particularly poorly in categories measuring affordability and the quality of schools. Parents were particularly dissatisfied with the city, giving it a truly dismal grade of F overall.

Intriguingly, the city’s public transportation was one of just three categories users rated as above average, suggesting that Metro’s well-publicized recent rail expansions may be starting to engender a bit of goodwill among riders.

Unfortunately, users weren’t so excited about the amount of fun things to do once getting off the train. The city’s recreational options received a pretty mediocre grade of C-minus.

Renters were a bit more satisfied with California at large, giving the state an overall grade of B-minus. They even preferred the weather; the entire state got an A grade in that category.

Based on this report, Angelenos looking for a better overall quality of life would be smart to move to Minneapolis. Residents of that tundra-like city gave it an A rating overall, even in spite of some seriously C-minus weather.