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Some hipsters turned this freeway overpass into a coworking space

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Free coffee and La Croix and a potted fiddle leaf fig to boot

Some people see a caged-in pedestrian bridge above the freeway and think, "Man, I hope I never have to walk across that rusty, creepshow at night." Others see that same bridge and think, productivity. It’s all about perspective.

Finding some #color in my day on the #internetoverpass. That's definitely a bridge troll.

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For writer Kailee McGee it was the latter. She tells LAist that after spending some time on the bridge in Atwater Village, she thought the environment might prove inspirational.

McGee along with the creators of the 5 Every Day app, collaborated to create a pop up coworking space Wednesday at the bridge, inviting strangers to join them in changing up "the coffee shop thing."

i'm unemployed #internetoverpass

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All the comforts of your typical Intelligentsia were there: coffee, wifi, limited seating (only eight desks were available). There were also trace amounts of carbon monoxide, a potted fiddle leaf fig, and free La Croix, because of course free LA Croix was available.

#productivity over the I-5 FWY at #InternetOverpass with @5everyday #sunnynookdrive #millennialinstinct #kaldiscoffee

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