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Inside Rob Zombie's new Los Angeles home

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Dark but lovely

Musician and horror film director Rob Zombie has purchased a Laurel Canyon house that combines midcentury and spooky in a beautiful way. According to OpenHouse, Zombie purchased the dark but lovely residence earlier this year. He paid just under $2.5 million.

The two-bedroom, two-bathroom house was built in 1953 and designed by architect Robert Thorgusen. It's tucked away on a nearly 15,000-square-foot Hollywood Hills lot with a pool and an indoor/outdoor koi pond. The house features 14-foot ceilings, a crinkly roofline, and walls of glass, marketing materials say. The master suite has its own fireplace and clerestory windows. Many of the rooms look out to the richly landscaped yard, the work of renowned landscape architect Garrett Eckbo.

There's even a bit of a Halloween feel, especially in the living room, where puffy, pumpkin-like orange seating welcomes guests.

Zombie, who rose to prominence as a maker of loud, scary music, went on to create new cinematic nightmare fuel, remaking the classic horror flick Halloween (and a sequel) and writing and directing the upcoming 31, which involves a group of carnival performers, evil clowns, and "sadists in powdered wigs and aristocratic English outfits."

Zombie previously owned a Tudor-style mansion in Hancock Park. He sold it in 2014 for $3.65 million, OpenHouse says.

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