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Grand Queen Anne Victorian in Angelino Heights asking $2.3M

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The historic six-bedroom home was designed by Joseph Cather Newsom in 1889

Justifiably renowned as one of the most picturesque streets in Los Angeles, Carroll Avenue in Angelino Heights is lined with a dazzling array of Victorian-era architecture. Among its treasures are two homes designed by the illustrious Joseph Cather Newsom, one of which is now on the market.

Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument No. 189, the home was constructed in 1889 for John B. Winston, an engineer and agent of the Bradbury Estate. Per its entry in Gebhard & Winters Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles, the Winston house "falls mainly into the Queen Anne style, though some portions, such as the angled bay and the roof, have an Eastlake quality."

Measuring 4,092 square feet, the house features incredible woodwork at every turn.

The dining room is graced with Lincrusta-Walton wainscoting.

The kitchen and baths have been updated, though the baths sport vintage clawfoot tubs.

The outdoor space has also been modernized, complete with outdoor screening lounge, barbecue, and bar.

Asking price for the Mills Tax-eligible property is $2.3 million.