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Big reveal: $549K for a flipped Crafstman in South LA

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Did you guess the right price?

We got 35 responses to our first installment of Pricespotter—Curbed's home price guessing game—and one commenter (we're looking at you, Austin Chen) totally nailed it! The asking price for this newly redone Craftsman from 1912 with hardwood floors, handsome beams, and original mahogany wainscoting is $549,000.

Some guessed as high as $850,000, another as low $160,000 for this three-bedroom, one-bathroom house. Maybe the location in South LA’s Vermont Square neighborhood neighborhood threw off readers. There were quite a few who proposed figures in the $600-$700,000 range, and as one commenter pointed out, that’d be a lot for the area, "but the reno is pretty sparkling." Indeed! And, it’s located near the newly extended Expo Line, the light rail that runs from Downtown LA to Downtown Santa Monica.

Here’s one more look at the home, which, according to property records, last sold just this June for $361,503:

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