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Big new housing project proposed near the Hollywood Palladium

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(A different big new mixed use project)

Looks like the controversial pair of residential towers going up behind the Hollywood Palladium will soon have a bit of company. Developer MCRT Investments, LLC filed plans with the city yesterday for a mixed use residential project featuring 276 units and 30,431 square feet of commercial space, including three restaurants. Thirteen of the housing units would be be set aside for low-income residents.

The project site is directly behind the spot where the now-approved Palladium Residences are slated to rise. Right now, the property is home to a complex that includes a large electronics store and several smaller structures.

Like the 26-story towers next door, this project will require city officials to sign off on a few exemptions to area zoning rules. This practice, often called spot-zoning, has been repeatedly called into question by supporters of the stringently anti-development Neighborhood Integrity Initiative ballot measure that will appear before LA voters in March.

The primary financial backer of the initiative is the Aids Healthcare Foundation, whose offices are located across the street from the Hollywood Palladium in the Sunset Media Center. The organization is in the process of suing the city over the approval of the Palladium Residences, alleging that it violated both its charter and environmental regulations by doing so.

Further details about this latest project are unavailable at this time, but Curbed has contacted the developer’s representative for more information.