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Popular Hollywood Sign trailhead will stay open ... for now

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City Councilman who reps Beachwood says he doesn’t have the authority to close it

The Hollyridge Trail at the end of Beachwood Drive is ground zero for the battle for access to Hollywood Sign. And, it seems, for now, hikers and tourists have won that battle.

The Los Feliz Ledger reports the trail will remain open, as Los Angeles City Councilman David Ryu, who reps the area, says he might not have the power to close it. "Technically it can be illegal, and we have been working with the City Attorney to discuss [the option of closing it], but it is probably not possible," Ryu spokesman Estevan Montemayor told the Ledger.

Regardless, Beachwood residents continue to be outraged. "I find it scandalous that they are leaving it open," said Sarajane Schwartz, a long-time Beachwood resident who founded Homeowners on Beachwood Drive United, which has a lawsuit against the city to shut the trailhead. Schwartz has said people trying to view the Hollywood sign smoke cigarettes, slow down emergency vehicles, and defecate into pots in her driveway.

Ryu’s spokesman said shuttering the Hollyridge trailhead would require total community support, which wouldn't be easy to get. One area resident, who asked the Ledger for anonymity for fear of neighbor retribution, said, "I think it is the right course to keep the trail open. The anti-access folks have gotten everything they wanted—parking districts, a gate with a guard at Beachwood, increased parking enforcement—and still complain and want the access into the park closed."