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This very detailed, miniature version of Los Angeles uses only Legos

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Complete with helicopters, car chases, and mariachi music

With Los Angeles offering so many wonderful landmarks and places of interest spread haphazardly over miles of urban terrain, it’s often tempting to imagine a condensed version of the metropolis—one in which, say, you could easily walk from the airport to the beach to a movie at the Chinese Theatre without breaking too much of a sweat, or circle the entire city on a Metro train.

Well, that’s exactly the city Jorge Parra Jr. has constructed in his home, using thousands of Lego pieces. As LA Magazine notes, Parra has been working on the project in his free time for the past eight years. His Youtube profile is filled with video updates on his progress.

In the latest version of his LA-inspired Lego city, Parra has added a replica of LAX, complete with control tower and William Pereira’s iconic theme building. It sits alongside other landmarks like City Hall, the US Bank Tower, and now the nearly-completed Wilshire Grand.

There are also a few deep cuts, like the Gas Company Tower and the Charles Luckman-designed Aon Center (topped with helicopter). Some nice smaller details of daily LA life are included as well, including a car chase, film shoot, and Mariachi performance. There’s even a couple of police officers on horseback—presumably to harass any unwanted loiterers in this fair city.

Check out the full project below.