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LA's elite are buying extravagant bunkers outfitted with hot tubs and bowling alleys

Luxurious safe houses and underground fortresses are in high demand among the city’s wealthiest residents

With a high-stakes election right around the corner, the wealthy weirdos of Los Angeles are apparently growing very concerned about the prospect of the nation’s nuclear codes falling into the wrong (tiny) hands. As a result, demand for extravagant underground bunkers is reportedly through the roof.

A representative of one bunker manufacturer popular with LA residents tells The Hollywood Reporter that sales have surged 150 percent since last year. That’s an impressive number, but it pales in comparison to the increase in luxury bunker sales, which are up an astonishing 700 percent.

Not all of these bunkers are subterranean (one is cleverly disguised as a horse stable), but they are fully blast proof and feature ludicrous amenities such as bowling alleys, home theaters, swimming pools, and jacuzzis (seriously, your plan for the apocalypse is to use up all the water filling a hot tub?). Because of confidentiality agreements, specific clients are not identified in the story, but California-based buyers apparently include Oscar winners and major sports stars.

Local company Strategically Armored & Fortified Environments, or SAFE, has reportedly constructed multiple $100 million bunkers secure from nuclear fallout or global pandemics (take your pick). These include one constructed on the East Coast, but for some ungodly reason designed to resemble Universal Citywalk.

For more on these extravagant personal fortresses, check out the full story at The Hollywood Reporter.