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New hotel coming to the Arts District

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It’ll be one of the first in the area

Early today, we mapped the relentless development that will drastically change the face of the Arts District over the next few years. And, indeed, just yesterday, plans for yet another project were filed with the city.

This one breaks from the mold a bit; rather than providing the area with more creative office space, luxury lofts, or live-work units, the project proposes adaptively reusing an old brick industrial building as a 66 room condominium-hotel. The development would also include 5,400 square feet devoted to a restaurant and retail space.

As much development as there’s been in the Arts District in recent years, hotel rooms are still few and far between in the area. Twenty-one of them can be found at the newly remodeled American Hotel on Hewitt Street, but beyond that, those in search of trendy places of lodging will have to branch out to other parts of Downtown.

The structure that will house the hotel was constructed in 1908 and appears to have at one point served as a shoe factory. Located at 400 South Alameda Street, it’s just a half-block from another development, revealed earlier this month. That project will replace an existing office building with a seven-story residential building with 186 live-work units and 22,000 square feet of retail space.