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Angelina Jolie is finalizing Brad Pitt divorce from a Malibu beach rental

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Rent is $95K per month

If you were worried that you’d be left in the dark about where exactly Angelina Jolie is shacking up while hashing out the details of her divorce from Brad Pitt, rest assured; the Daily Mail has you covered. The reliable busybodies at that publication report that Jolie and her six children are currently keeping a low profile at a five-bedroom beachfront rental in Malibu.

The privacy afforded by the gated residence doesn’t come cheap; monthly rent for the roughly 4,400-square-foot home reportedly runs a whopping $95,000 per month. The Mail also reports that Jolie began renting the place a full three weeks before officially filing for divorce on September 19. Scandalous!

Surrounded by trees on all sides, the house is well positioned to keep the prying eyes of the paparazzi at bay. Even the Mail seems to have settled for a few drone shots of the house from a distance.

An old listing shows that the very light and airy home is lined with floor-to-ceiling windows and features some truly impressive ocean views. Positioned on a bluff above the shoreline, the home is made accessible to the beach by way of a winding (and gated) stairway.

Meanwhile, Pitt is evidently stuck at the Los Feliz compound that he’s been accumulating since 1994. At nearly two acres in area and consisting of at least four structures, it’s a bit roomy for a bachelor pad, but it seems that’s exactly what it’s going to be for the time being.

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