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To San Francisco artists, LA doesn't look so bad now that SF is expensive

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They're fleeing to Los Angeles

New York-to-Los Angeles transplants are old hat now, so now it’s time to figure out where the next wave of new Angelenos is going to flood in from. The Guardian guesses it’s going to be artists from San Francisco.

In a new article, the Guardian details the total change of perspective on LA that’s come from San Francisco artists not having any financially viable options in their own city. Explains the Guardian:

Once upon a time it seemed San Francisco artists visited Los Angeles only on condition they were tripping on LSD, or some other hallucinogen. How else to survive the concrete landscape and endless traffic, the airheads and flakes, the tinsel and hustle and sheer vapidity...?

But then, San Francisco was gutted, its bohemians replaced thanks to a mixture of scarce housing and a boom of demand for said housing by tech people who can afford to pay more to live in the city. (Though many of them can’t "afford" to live there in the traditional, 30-percent-of-your-paycheck-toward-housing way, either.)

If SF is very expensive to live in, forget about trying to find space to make and display art there. Understandably, the city’s artists became discouraged.

They’re certainly not going to be met by a welcoming party in Boyle Heights, where activists, fearing gentrification will follow, are trying to boot art galleries.

For the full story, head over to the Guardian.