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Jog of the dead: Eastside getting another cemetery jogging path

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Around Calvary Cemetery in East LA

The popular jogging path around Evergreen Cemetery in Boyle Heights, one of Los Angeles’s oldest eternal resting places, has been such a success, it’s about to be replicated around another cemetery nearby, reports KPCC. (An earlier version of this article said both cemeteries were in Boyle Heights. They are not.)

Calvary Cemetery—bounded by 3rd Street, Downey Road, Eastern Avenue, and Whittier Boulevard in East LA—is set to get a bouncy jogging path along its borders, which measure just under 2 miles.

The new Calvary path will include, "a rubberized surface that's easy on the feet, benches, shade trees" and a widened sidewalk, eliminating the need for would-be walkers and joggers to sidestep large utility poles that take up space on the narrow sidewalk right now. There will also be a bike lane.

The Evergreen Cemetery 1.4-mile-long jogging path, which was opened in 2003, is getting some repairs and new additions, like exercise equipment, seating, and more shade. Though Los Angeles County is funding the Calvary path, KPCC says both projects will be built by Metro as part of the Eastside Access Project, which aims to help people connect with transit options near the Gold Line’s Eastside extension through Boyle Heights and East LA.

The Calvary Cemetery path will be near the Maravilla Station; the Evergreen path is a few blocks away from the Indiana Station.