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Did Lady Gaga quietly buy a new house in LA formerly owned by Frank Zappa?

The estate was for sale on eBay

The former estate of Frank Zappa sold, and though the buyer is technically a trust, "word on the celebrity real estate street is that the beneficiary is none other than modern-day music industry iconoclast Lady Gaga," says Variety.

Earlier this year, the former family home of Frank Zappa popped up for sale on eBay with a $9-million asking price. The money from the sale would have gone toward digitizing lots of materials Zappa left in a room of the house known as The Vault. The eBay sale was in conjunction with the production of a documentary on Zappa by Alex Winter (yes, Bill from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure).

Zappa bought the Tudor-ish house in 1968, paying $75,000. In 1979, he installed a recording studio that’s still in the house today. The 6,759 square-foot, seven-bedroom dwelling is situated on a half-acre lot with a pool and two "very contemporary guest houses," as Variety puts it.

Originally listed for $5.495 million, Lady Gaga got a bit of a deal, paying $5.25 million.

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