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6th Street near the Miracle Mile is going on a 'road diet'

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More space for cyclists

Drivers in Mid City will soon be forced to give up some precious roadway (and right on the Pedersen Automotive Museum’s turf no less). The amount of pavement available to cars will be whittled down to create more space for bicycles and pedestrians along a one-mile stretch of 6th Street between Fairfax and La Brea, reports Urbanize LA.

The Mid City West Board of Directors voted unanimously in favor of the road diet at its meeting last week.

Several portions of 6th are being reconfigured. Here’s how it all breaks down from east to west.

Fairfax to Masselin Avenue

Between Fairfax and Masselin, one lane of traffic in each direction will be removed. Both parking lanes will be narrowed by two feet to make room for the addition of a middle turn lane and a pair of seven foot wide bike lanes.

Hauser Boulevard to Dunsmuir Avenue

Similar to the previous stretch, a 10-foot wide center turn lane will take the place of two lanes of traffic. The parking lanes will stay the same, and the bike lanes will narrow slightly from the last stretch from a width of seven feet to just five feet.

Dunsmuir Avenue to La Brea Avenue

The stretch from Dunsmuir to Cochran will get a pair of bike lanes, with a two foot painted buffer separating bicycles from vehicle traffic. From Cochran to La Brea, both bike and cars share the lane.

From Cochran to La Brea, 6th street will keep both existing lanes of traffic, but lose one block of non-peak parking lanes between Dunsmuir and La Brea. The remaining non-peak parking will be narrowed from a width of 13 to eight feet to accommodate a center turn lane and bike lanes.

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