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A developer just filed plans to replace Amoeba Music with big mixed-user

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A developer filed plans today to redevelop the property that houses Hollywood’s beloved Amoeba Music store. Gulp.

The plans are super vague, stating only that the developer wants to erect a new mixed-use building with more than 50 residential units. (Presumably, that means bulldozing the Amoeba building.) The application also seeks permits to sell alcohol at four on-site establishments.

Before you start crying into your record player, you should know that Amoeba’s owners have said even if they have to relocate from the building at Sunset and Vine, it won’t be until their lease is up in "several years." And once that time comes, they plan to stick around Hollywood, just in a new location.

LAist braced us for this news. Last week, it reported that it had spotted a rendering on an architectural illustration firm’s website for a tall, glassy tower at 6400 Sunset Boulevard, where Amoeba stands today. The rendering depicts a tower that’s taller than the next-door CNN building. It looks to be somewhere between 25 and 30 stories tall, and has a pool and a digital sign.