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You can now make money 'sharing' your Los Angeles driveway via an app

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Make up to $100, if you live near the Coliseum and the Rams are playing

In Los Angeles, the Land of Cars, where people already use their personal vehicles as taxis, the next logical step, apparently, is to run residential driveways as parking lots. According to KPCC, there are two apps that have made driveway "sharing" a reality in Los Angeles.

People with driveways list them as available, set the price they wish, and get paid using their phones. Like most other "sharing" services, both parties also have the chance to post reviews.

One of the apps, Pavemint, launched at the Rams home-opener Sunday at the Coliseum. While some drivers paid as much as $180 to park near the stadium, Pavemint’s app was listing 91 spots on nearby personal driveways with prices listed at anywhere from $30 to $100, says KPCC.

Pavemint says it has 309 parking lots available in LA right now, but it plans to double that figure by next week. It's targeting West Hollywood, just in time for the traffic nightmare that is that city’s annual Halloween Carnaval.

Even this early in the infancy of the driveway sharing economy, there’s already a niche app for people who need more out of their rented driveway parking experience. EV Match, an app that pairs drivers of electric cars with driveways offering a place to charge their vehicle, plans to launch in LA in October.

Head over to KPCC for the full story.