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City Councilman David Ryu calls for no human-operated vehicles in LA by 2035

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It's realistic, he says

Los Angeles is already well on it’s way to a transit future only once envisioned in science fiction. There's on-demand ride hailing and bike-sharing, and the city's transportation department even has a new report out on using self-driving cars and buses to move residents around. When it was released earlier this month, the city's former chief technology officer told Curbed the report would serve as a guide for policymakers.

Los Angeles City Councilman David Ryu got the message. He announced today that he has introduced a motion to push LADOT to quickly create a fully autonomous transit system in Los Angeles by the year 2035.

Under the motion, LADOT would be tasked with, "reporting on the benefits of implementing an ‘autonomous transit’ city," using self driving cars, buses, and shuttles. With help from the Department of City Planning and the Bureau of Street Services, the agencies would need to outline steps the city could take in five year increments to achieve this goal by 2035.

If and when the rest of the City Council OKs the motion, LADOT would have just 45 days to publish the report.

Ryu is confident that the speed in which he is pushing LADOT is in line with the speed of innovation in the field of autonomous vehicles. His press release points out that just 10 years ago, no one was talking about autonomous vehicles, "except in science fiction," and that "it’s not a stretch" that LA "could become a city with no human operated vehicles by 2035."