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Updated Eagle Rock midcentury with stunning city views asks $1.2M

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Built in 1965, but certainly not a time capsule

According to the listing description for this 1965 Buff & Hensman-designed modern in Eagle Rock, this is the home’s first time on the market. But this is no time capsule. In fact, the home appears to have been extensively remodeled since its construction more than 50 years ago.

Fortunately, as the listing notes, most of the updates have been pretty much in keeping with the home’s midcentury aesthetic—while the new seafoam sink tops in the bathroom are a bit jarring, they are certainly period-appropriate in terms of color scheme.

Of course, the home’s biggest selling point will be its stunning views. Positioned on a hillside with floor-to-ceiling windows and multiple spacious balconies, it offers many opportunities to marvel at the nearby mountains and twinkling lights of the city below.

Other features of the 2,268-square-foot, three-bedroom residence include cork and hardwood flooring, an elegant living room complete with wood paneled fireplace, and—most curiously—a large second kitchen with a very unusual split-level design. Asking price is $1.225 million.