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122 apartments planned for Chinatown

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The Chinatown Market building is in the crosshairs

Just a block away from Chinatown’s recently opened Blossom Plaza, a new housing is proposed for a site occupied by a one-story market building. Documents filed Monday with the Department of City Planning call for a seven-story, mixed-use building with 122 residential units (six of which will be set aside for very low-income tenants) and 4,200 square feet of retail space on the ground floor at 211 West Alpine Street.

The developer of the project appears to be Grand Pacific 7-28, LLC, a company headed by Downtown developer Izek Shomof, who's behind the mixed-use redevelopment of the Sears complex in Boyle Heights.

The complex will be served by three levels of underground parking with a total of 120 parking spaces and 124 bike parking spaces. The project will also be just about a block away from the Chinatown Gold Line station.

Just about a block away on Hill Street, development is also coming to the old Velvet Turtle lot. Here, too, a seven-story building is planned, though this one will have 162 apartments and commercial space.