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New plan for Vermont Triangle would remove its crosswalks

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The landscaped median at Vermont and Hollywood is apparently attracting too many homeless people

A 2008 makeover of the Vermont Triangle, the gateway into the shopping districts in Los Feliz, turned the street median at Vermont Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard into a pocket park with seating, landscaping, and lighting. In the years since, the upgrades have also turned the site into a popular homeless encampment.

So a neighborhood business-interest group has come up with a plan to make the space deliberately unfriendly to transients, reports the Los Feliz Ledger. This part of the plan put forth by the East Hollywood Business Improvement District (BID) may or may not be deliberate: It would also make the multiple-intersection crossing at the border of East Hollywood and Los Feliz unfriendly to pedestrians.

Here's what the BID wants to do:

  • Take out the seating and lighting then totally landscape the triangle, sending the message that the space is not for loitering. "The Triangle is a median," the BID’s Vice Chair Jeff Zarrinnam told the Ledger. "It’s not a park. It never has been a park. People were trying to turn it into a park, but it’s a traffic median."
  • Eliminate the four crosswalks that connect to the triangle. Zarrinnam says this is likely to be the most contested part of the plan, but at least members of the BID totally support it. Removing the crosswalks, "is totally reasonable," says BID treasurer Susanna Furios. "People can walk a bit."

Whether these ideas will actually deter the homeless from hanging out there is another big question. When the triangle was redone in 2008, grass was planted in "tufts" to make it less comfortable to sit and sleep on.