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Sleekly updated midcentury by Gregory Ain asks $788K

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Features include sloping ceilings and clerestory windows

This Gregory Ain-designed three-bedroom home in Altadena was recently renovated and is certainly looking sharp—maybe a little too sharp for midcentury purists, but if you like your modernist homes to come with stainless steel appliances, you’re in the right place.

Constructed in 1947, the 1,400-square-foot home is outfitted with new flooring, new HVAC, and of course, new kitchen and bathroom. Even with the updates, Ain’s elegant design style shines through in the sloping ceilings and panels of oversized windows. And speaking of windows, the house also features a very nice set of clerestory windows nestled beneath the pitched ceiling in the kitchen and living room.

Other features include a two car garage, generously sized backyard, and a walled front courtyard that looks to have been a major feature of the most recent renovation. There’s no pool, but remember, Ain was an architect for the common man. Asking price for the sleek San Gabriel Valley residence is $788,000 dollars.