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Expo Line trains were jammed for the first Rams game back in LA

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Trains started filling up three hours before kickoff

More than 91,000 fans turned out to see the Rams play their first home game in Los Angeles since the team left for St. Louis after the 1994 season. That turned out to be about as many people as Metro’s Expo Line could possibly handle, and trains were filled to unprecedented levels both before and after the game.

According to Metro's blog, The Source, crowds began pouring into trains headed toward the Coliseum as early as 10 a.m.—a full three hours before kickoff. After the Rams sealed off their first win of the season, lines for the train at the Expo/Vermont station grew to comical proportions, with wait times to board reaching as high as 85 minutes.

Still, many of those fans standing in line in Sunday’s sweltering heat were likely patting themselves on the back for deciding not to drive. As the Los Angeles Times reports, parking prices at the game reached astronomical levels, with some lots charging as much as $180 per vehicle.

It remains to be seen whether impossibly crowded trains and outrageous parking prices will become the new normal at Rams games going forward, but Metro is currently working on doubling the frequency of train arrivals on the Expo Line during peak hours to alleviate overcrowding problems since the train began running to Santa Monica.

Relief should arrive in December. That would be just in time for the NFL playoffs, but given that the Rams have yet to score a touchdown in their first two games, it might be premature to be looking ahead that far.