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Cute little Craftsman in WeHo asks $739K

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718 square feet of fun

It’s Micro Week here at Curbed LA, and we’ll be looking at all kinds of small-scale housing options from today until Friday. And while this 718-square-foot Craftsman bungalow in West Hollywood is far from the most minuscule house on the market right now, it’s also pretty darn far from the largest.

The two-bedroom home was constructed in 1919, when—believe it or not—an early version of the tiny house movement was sweeping the nation. Meant to appeal to members of the nation’s growing middle class, a rash of homes of 800 square feet and under began popping up across the country in the early 20th century.

This one looks to have been well-maintained and renovated in the years since, and current features include bamboo floors, a fully remodeled bathroom, master bedroom with walk-in closest, and central air and heat.

Both bedrooms lead out to a nice back deck with tall fencing for privacy. Somehow, the 1,535-square-foot lot—just a little more than twice the size of the home itself—also includes a small one-car garage.

The house is adorned with a welcoming mint green paint job, and also includes a small front porch and well-landscaped little patch of yard. Asking price is $739,000.