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33 artist’s residences headed for South LA

An industrial building in Historic South Central may be converted for live/work use

As skyrocketing rental prices in the Arts District force many of the area’s actual artists to consider a change of scenery, could South LA become a new destination for creative types? The developer of a new 32,450-square-foot live/work project in Historic South Central appears to be counting on it.

According to plans filed with the city Friday, the former industrial space will be converted into 33 units "for artists and artisans." Located at 3761 S Hill Street, the project is on the opposite side of the freeway from Exposition Park and just about a mile south of the controversial Reef megaproject that will bring over 1,000 (pricey) units of housing to the lower income, primarily Latino neighborhood.

Property records show that the building was purchased just over a year ago for a little more than $9 million. The current owner, operating under the embarrassingly terrible corporate name Hard Property, LLC, received a permit from the city in April to convert the former manufacturing structure into offices. Now those offices will be set up for live/work use.

Not many more details about the project are available at this time, but according to plans, Segal & REA Architecture is advising on the project.