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Bill Hader explains how he and Fred Armisen came up with ‘The Californians’

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They, like us, are obsessed with LA driving directions

The SNL skit The Californians hilariously captured the ridiculousness of maneuvering across the Los Angeles sprawl. In an interview with Seth Meyers this week, Bill Hader talked about how the soap opera sketch was inspired by trips cast members took to LA, when they had time off from the notoriously demanding show.

During table reads back in New York, Hader says he and Fred Armison would start bantering about how they got around LA.

We’d start this bit: 'Hey man did you go to LA?' 'Yeah yeah, how’d you get to your hotel?' And then we’d go, ‘Well, dude, I’d go down Sunset, then I’d take a left on La Cienega, then I’d take that all the way down to Pico, take a right, take Pico, hop on the 10, the 10 west, take that allll the way down to the beach, then head up the PCH.'

Watch the full clip: