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Beyoncé concert created a traffic nightmare in LA—here's why

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Lots of reasons

Anyone moving through the streets of Los Angeles in maybe a three-mile radius of Dodger Stadium Wednesday night must have noticed that it was way more congested than usual. The ballpark's traffic is known to be rough, but this was especially bad.

The cause was a Beyoncé concert, and everyone trying to get to it during rush hour.

This statement from Dodger Stadium management to Eastsider LA confirms just how bad it got: "It is not often that we experience the type of traffic that we encountered last night."

The concert was even delayed to give fans a little more time to get into the event. This Curbed LA writer was trying to head south on Broadway at Avenue 19 in Lincoln Heights—about 2.5 miles away from the stadium—at about 7 p.m. that night and found it to be a nearly impenetrable river of cars heading west.

Why was traffic to this one concert exponentially worse than the crush to get to a Dodger game, especially considering the Dodgers, who regularly deal with traffic into the venue, are in charge of stadium access for all events held at the stadium?

A bunch of things went wrong. In an email to Eastsider LA, Dodger management says there was a "never before experienced number of ride-share drop-offs and pick-ups," a "late arriving crowd," and technical glitches. For the full statement, click over to Eastsider LA.

Dodgers management had tried a little bit to avoid the mess. They asked ticket holders to show up at least one hour early and to take public transportation or carpool (they didn't, however, opt to run the Dodger Stadium Express, which runs for ball games).

Next time Beyonce comes to town, consider taking the Gold Line and make the walk into the stadium. (The light cardio might be a good warm-up for dancing along to Yoncé's high-energy choreography.)

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