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LA Rams stadium construction will ramp up soon

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The digging would be “the most visible sign of progress” on the Rams stadium

Pre-construction work (site preparation, infrastructure work) has been humming along for more than a year on the Inglewood site where a massive NFL stadium will eventually rise, but the real, dramatic work will get under way soon.

The Los Angeles Times reports that excavation on the site—what the project manager for developers the Hollywood Park Land Co. calls "the most visible sign of progress" on the project—is set to begin in two or three months. A grading permit for the 298-acre site issued to developers by Inglewood hinted at the work beginning, mentioning "quantities include excavation for stadium."

The digging should take between six to eight months. The dirt turned up will be used to level-out the whole site.

The stadium will be finished in 2019.

Surrounding the stadium will be an enormous mixed-use community that will include over 3,000 new residential units, a manmade lake, and a revamped casino. (The old Hollywood Park Casino is expected to be demolished in October, the project manager tells the Times.) Work on the mini-city next to the stadium is expected to be complete in 2023.