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132 apartments planned right across from Koreatown Metro stop

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The five-story mixed use project will sit on top of an existing parking garage

More than 100 very transit-accessible new apartments might be on the way to Koreatown right across the street from the Wilshire/Western subway station.

According to plans filed with the city Thursday, the five-story mixed use development with 132 units will be added right on top of an existing four-story parking structure, making for a total of nine stories overall. The new building, nestled between a popular shopping center and the Welton Becket-designed Pierce National Life tower, will also include 900 square feet of retail space.

It’s certainly far from the only project planned in the area. Major residential developments are currently in the works just a block south on 7th Street and a few blocks west on Wilshire. Heading in the other direction, a hotel and restaurant are planned at Harvard between Wilshire and 7th and, most significantly, two 23-story residential towers were recently proposed on the site of what's now a parking lot behind the Wilshire Financial Tower.

Even a lot next door to the project is in the midst of development. Earlier this year, Metro demolished a restaurant building on that site to make room for a staging yard to facilitate construction on the extension of the Purple Line subway system.