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City Councilman wants to bring more development to Olvera Street

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He's asking the city to solicit development ideas for a parking lot

Another parking lot near LA's iconic Olvera Street might give way to development. Urbanize LA reports that a motion filed by Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar, who represents the area, instructs the city to look into developing El Pueblo Parking Lot 2, the main parking lot for the El Pueblo de Los Ángeles historic monument, one of the oldest parts of the city.

The councilman wants to put out a request for proposals for "development ideas" at the lot, which is located on the southwest corner of Cesar Chavez and Main Street.

Housing and retail is already being built right now on two other parking lots just west of Olvera, the walkable, outdoor marketplace popular with tourists.

Huizar's motion acknowledges that the parking lot at Cesar Chavez and Main serves its intended function well, and makes plans to keep some parking on the site. "Based on its popularity and convenience as a parking lot servicing El Pueblo, any such development must include at least as many parking spaces as are currently present at Lot 2 and should help bring more business to the monument," the motion states.