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Get inspired by LA’s new Olympic bid video

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Turns out, Los Angeles is perfect

For many Angelenos, part of living in Los Angeles is coming to terms with the city’s most obvious flaws (traffic, smog, and the cost of living are three good places to start). It’s not often that you get to see the city celebrated in a totally not ironic, unapologetic way.

But that’s exactly what a new video promoting Los Angeles’s bid for the 2024 Olympics sets out to do. Released Tuesday by LA 2024, the privately funded group campaigning to bring the games to LA for the third time since 1932, the video is narrated by two children describing their "dream city," filled with a wide array of fanciful things that no single municipal area could possibly have. Or could it?

We hate to give away the ending, but it turns out they are describing Los Angeles. Oceans? Check. Forests? We got ‘em. Mountains? You better believe it.

Some of the trickier items on the wish list are satisfied through visual metaphor—surfing becomes the ability to "walk on water" and lowriders somewhat confusingly stand in for "cars that talk."

At any rate, it should be hard for members of the International Olympic Committee to come away from this video with any other conclusion than that LA is a totally perfect and oddly empty city (seriously, why are there only two kids and no one else at the Griffith Observatory?).

Leaders of LA’s Olympic bid will find out if all the time, money, and effort they’ve spent campaigning for the games has paid off next year, when the IOC choses between Los Angeles and three other finalists: Paris, Rome, and Budapest.