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Get a look at Santa Monica's bold new crosswalks (they're hard to miss)

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Brightly colored for safer street-crossing

Santa Monica’s streets are a lot more colorful now, thanks to the addition of two new brightly colored crosswalks, designed to make walking safer and more appealing.

These cartoony, bold crosswalks certainly do make for a more lively street-crossing experience. City officials say they're also designed to make walking safer. Plus, they help breaking the "stereotype that nobody walks in L.A."

One of the bright new crossings, at Second Street and Arizona Avenue, is among a dozen new scramble crosswalks in Santa Monica's downtown area. The other painted crosswalk is at Broadway and Ocean Avenue (not a scramble). Scramble crosswalks allow for people on foot to cross in all directions—even diagonally across the intersection—at one time.

Santa Monica’s Mobility Manager Francie Stefan tells Curbed via email that, "Creating beautiful moments in our public spaces and streets elevates the experience of walking and place. When it is delightful to walk, people will choose to walk and look forward to walking as a part of the day and a part of their commute."

The announcement for the new crossings notes they are part of Santa Monica’s, "strategic goal to create a new model of mobility" to entice people to use non-car forms of transportation.

See the crosswalk at Second and Arizona getting painted in this neat time lapse video: